Friday, December 11, 2015

Sweet & Spark - Vintage Jewelry

Sweet & Spark is a vintage jewelry curator. What is that you say? Well, they're a father and daughter team that basically do your flea market jewelry shopping for you! They buy all kinds of interesting pieces and then sell them on on their site. They also have the option to have a party with your girlfriends (a la Tupperware, but probably cooler) so that you can shop in the comfort of your own home and actually see the pieces up close.

How we came across Sweet & Spark is we got a gift card in our FabFitFun Box (see the video for the whole unboxing) and the card, please forgive the pun, sparked our interest!

We ended up buying this piece:

It seemed a pretty neutral piece that wasn't over the top and both of us would get a ton of wear out of yet (yes, we share our jewelry...). Plus it was on sale for $58 and we had a $40 gift card!

When we were checking out their site they had a ton of cool pieces but, you definitely need to have an idea of how to wear most of it. The items include rings, earrings, jewelry and bracelets and are for the most part pretty decade specific. Decades range from 1950's - 1990's. We pretty much poo-pooed most of the 90's items (probably because we actually owned some of those things) but, we found a lot of great versatile items from the 70's (which is what we bought). One other thing to note is that most of the really great earrings only come in clip-on styles which neither of us prefer. We wish that Sweet & Spark would modify these pieces to fit pierced ears instead.

Shipping was free and prices seemed to range from about $78 - $128 for most of the necklaces we were looking at. Earrings and rings seemed to fall in a little less of a price range but, for our needs we'd get more use out of a new necklace over anything else.

Here's a small sampling of  other items that they have: