Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Club W - December 2015

Club W has done it again. They've sent out wines that we pretty much loved. For our full review check out our video here.

Club W is a monthly online wine subscription box. You can have either 3 bottles or 6 bottles sent monthly at $39 or $78 respectively. All bottles bought on your subscription are $13. However, that doesn't mean that they're selling $13 bottles of wine. They mark down their fabulous wines so that they can offer a wide range of wine and still meet their going price of $13.

This month we got one white, one blush and one red.

The first one was the 2014 Piu Gioia Pinot Grigio. This one took a few sips to really get into. It was pretty crisp, which in wine dummy terms is sort of like rubbing alcohol. But after a few sips the actual flavor of the wine started to come out. While this was not our favorite wine it was a decent wine. Especially since we don't generally enjoy the dryer white wines. We generally like sweeter white wines.

Next we got to try the 2014 Cocomero Rosato. This was an Italian rose. This was described as a lunchtime wine and boy, whoever wrote that description was definitely right! We were super impressed with this wine. It was light, not overly sweet but also not overly dry. And it smelled like watermelons! We couldn't get enough of this wine.

Finally we got the 2013 Likelihood of Confusion Zinfandel. This was by far our favorite wine. We've discovered that we really enjoy a great Zinfandel. Early on in our lives we were White Zin drinkers but, that doesn't really give you a good idea of what a true Zinfandel tastes like. Good Zins seem to be bold and sort of chocolatey tasting (which is just a wine dummy term for super smooth and deep red wine). This one was no exception. However it had a huge kick at 16.1% alcohol (most wines hover around 12 -13%). So drink with caution! But that didn't stop us from enjoying this bottle. We just started slurring our words that much faster!

Overall, we really enjoyed this shipment. Club W is really customer service oriented and offers tons of great wines. We're definitely sticking with this membership!