Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Free Beauty Gifts at Amazon!!! Insanity!

Amazon has really turned up the heat in their beauty department. I know that it's not the first place you think of when it comes to buying your beauty items but, right now, maybe it should be! They have a whole page of free gifts that come with your purchase of qualifying items!

Some of the items they're offering are:

 1. Free Sultra Flat Iron with the Purchase of Sultra Hairdryer. The Flat Iron by itself is a $115 value! That's almost a 100% buy one get one free. AWESOME!

2. Blue Copper Firming Eye Repair Treatment when you purchase Blue Copper Firming Elasticity,
Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Prime, 1.7 oz, or Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment. That's a $75 value! Again, Amazon craziness at almost a 100% buy one get one free value!

3. Chas Dean Boar Bristle Round Brush with the purchase of at least 32oz of Wen. The brush is a $25 for a $58 or more purchase. Just KILLING it Amazon!

4. OK, so this is our own personal fave...Free Pink Sugar Rollerball with the purchase of Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette Natural Spray, Pink, 3.4 fl. oz. We know, we know! It's a little girly and sweet but, it's truly a classic scent that keeps us going back for more. Also, that's a $20 value for a $60 purchase.

In terms of percentage back most of Amazon's offerings are at least 30% of the value of the item you're purchasing. But, as you can see above, there are several that are almost 100% of the value of the item you have to purchase. It's just insanity!