Tuesday, December 15, 2015

South Coast Winery Review

So, we have to admit, we're pretty lucky to live in VERY close proximity to a ton of really awesome wineries. One of those is South Coast Winery. Now, this isn't one of the little boutique wineries. It's a behemoth that you can probably find in your local BevMo but, you should definitely find it! It has a huge selection of amazing wines. Our favorites are definitely their sweet and dessert wines. No one has the as vast of a selection as South Coast. Some of our favorites are:

California Girl: Smooth, sweet and blonde. The way every California Girl should be! This is one of their signature wines and it's a good one!

Romanza: This is the upscale version of Stella Rosa Black. It's a sweet red wine that just puts us in the best mood.

They're even trying to appeal to a wider audience by starting a line of "Celebrity Wines". Check out their Warrant rocker tribute!

South Coast has bolder and heavier wines for the red wine drinker as well but, we have found that we prefer their sweet wine selection so much that we generally bypass the red wine list here. Also, if you're new to drinking wine, these sweet wines will definitely be easier to drink while you're figuring out which wines you like. Plus, these wines are a much easier intro into wines then the heavier red wines.