Friday, December 4, 2015

Glam Bag How To

We just did a how to video about putting together an AWESOME glam bag gift set. Take a look!

Also, here's the a complete picture of what went into our glam bag.

But, you want a complete and detailed list here it is:

1. Makeup bag: We used bags that we got in our Ipsy subscription (take a look at joining, it's super cheap! Check them out!) and valued it at $1. Or you can probably find cheap steals at Target, Walmart or the $1 store!

2. ULTA Nailpolish: These we got on Black Friday for $2.99. Each polish came out to be $0.75.

3. Sephora Collection Color Around the World: This set was for 4 palettes for $28 (plus 20% off for my VIB Rouge). Total per palette was $5.60.

4. IT Your Must Have Airbrush Travel Set: $10! This was a Black Friday steal but, if you're a good internet searcher, you can find them for about that price.

5. Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set: This was another spectacular find. The gift set was $45 plus 20% off during the VIB rouge sale. Total per perfume was $4.50.

6. Sephora Kissing Stories Lip Set: These lip crayons were AWESOME! They had the same texture as the NARS versions and also the pigment was great. The set was $28 and after our 20% discount each crayon came out to $2.80!

7. Stila Lip Gloss Set: The exact version that we bought is no longer available, however there are tons out there in trio or 5 pack sets. Check out Sephora or ULTA. Each gloss ended up costing $4.16.

 Total for this bag with gift bag was $33.06. I think this is a pretty amazing gift for that price!