Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Club W Wine Tasting Review and Unboxing

We just posted our latest wine tasting video! It's the Club W monthly wine subscription box!

 We got some really great wines this month! And we definitely enjoyed our wine tasting! We got a mix of red wine and white wine. Here are the the three wines that we were sent:

2014 A Beautiful Waste of Time Appassimento:

Such an interesting wine! We have never tried an Appassimento before but, we're not sad that we did! Appassimento refers to the process of grape-drying and produces this specific type of wine. When we read the description we thought that we'd get a sweet and heavy wine. Instead what we got was boldly flavored red wine. We could definitely waste some time relaxing and drinking this wine!

2013 Au Fudge x Club W Pinot Noir:

 Au Fudge was an interesting wine. To begin with it's a collaboration between Club W and Jessica Biel. Then it's a Pinot Noir which is one of our favorite types of wine. Finally it's one of the more interesting Pinot Noir's that we've had in a while. It was thinner than we're used to and the flavor wasn't as deep but, the overall taste and notes were surprising bright and combined for a knockout taste. However, if you're a beginner red wine drinker this will probably not be for you.

2015 WKND American Sparkling White Blend:

This was a really great wine! It wasn't overly sweet or crisp. We decided that this was probably a fantastic Mimosa Wine! For our first venture into sparkling wines from Club W this was a great choice!

Overall we've been super happy with our monthly subscription to Club W. So far we've only gotten one wine that was completely awful. We think that that speaks volumes for Club W's profiling program and continuing careful wine curation. So, in wine dummy speak...Club W is KILLING it!