Thursday, April 7, 2016

Weekly Obsession

Yes, we's been awhile! Stupid spring break! Such is the life of a Mommy!

At any rate, we thought we would return with our favorite series Weekly Obsession! This week we're focusing back on our other great love subscription boxes (obviously wine is our first love)! We just discovered a really great box called My Best Box. We feel that this subscription really speaks to everyone as they promote a healthy lifestyle in several areas that are pretty overlooked (check out their dental care box!) and offer several boxes that are unisex which is pretty hard to find in most subscription boxes.

Here's our favorite:

It's called the My Best Skin Box. This is right up our alley as we're huge fans of taking care of our sking. Also, since we're ladies of a certain age, we're obsessed with satin pillowcases. Less lines equals more happiness! Plus all of these extra goodies for $35. It's a ready made gift that all of our girlfriends are getting for their birthdays!

You could also go the blind subscription box route. It's under $30 and you may get the box you have your eye on for a little less. Either way we feel that this box equals AWESOME! We're definitely going to be ordering one to test out. You can see the unboxing on our YouTube channel shortly!