Monday, June 27, 2016

Purederm Ultra Repairing Foot Mask - Mishibox April 2016

I finally got around to trying some of the items in our Mishibox! The one I was most excited about was the Ultra Repairing Foot Mask from Purederm.

I guess I should preface this review by saying I have the WORST feet. Super calloused and dry, my feet always look like ass. So, anything that will help my poor feet without a ton of work (like scrubbing at my callouses for a long time) is my best friend.

I was super excited to get this item in our Mishibox! If you'd like to see the other items we got you can view the video here!

This mask was pretty easy to use! All you do is wash your fee, place the booties on your feet, let them sit for 20-30 minutes and then remove. That's it! I like it!

So how did it work? Here are the before shots:

Here's the after shots:

Overall it did a pretty good job for a quick mask. It didn't take away my problems entirely but, I could see that with regular use this foot mask couldn't definitely help my foot situation! A couple of things to note about this particular foot mask. There's not a ton of goop in the bootie but your foot will come out with a little bit of the moisturizer on it and will need to be rubbed in before you attempt to get up and walk anywhere. You can see what I mean here:

Also, I have pretty large feet (size 10) and they just barely fit in the booties. If you have bigger feet than that this mask won't work for you because there is virtually no stretch to it. You can see how tight they are on my feet here:

Beyond these two issues I think this is a great foot mask. I would use this before an event where I had to wear strappy sandals or heels as it definitely masks my problem feet well. If you want a quick and easy foot mask I highly recommend this one! I was looking at Purederm's other foot masks and there are ton I want to try now! Especially the exfoliating foot mask!