Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Golden Tote December 2015

Wow are we impressed with Golden Tote! You can see our full review on our YouTube Channel! Golden Tote is not a regular subscription service. Every month they release a new collection of clothes and you can choose to either buy the tote or not buy the tote. The tote comes in 3 Levels:

$49 Tote: You choose one piece from the monthly collection and Golden Tote's stylists choose a piece. You get 2 pieces of clothing. The additional piece comes from Golden Tote's secret collection.

$99 Tote: You get 4 pieces of clothing from Golden Tote's secret collection.

$149 Tote: You pick 2 pieces from the monthly collection and Golden Tote stylists pick the rest from their secret collection. You get 5-6 pieces total.

Truthfully, we found that the stylists did way better than we did!

Here are the full pictures:

Fringed Open Cardigan - this was a stylist pick. It was actually pretty awesome. Comfy, colorful and it fit nicely. When we originally opened it up we thought they had sent us a blanket and turned up our noses, but once we got it on we had an entirely different opinion! We were fighting over this piece!

Sweater Weather Dress - This was one of our picks. It wasn't our favorite. It was very see-through and overall just not flattering. The color was amazing though!

Mixed Media Shirt - This was another stylist pick. Overall it was super cute and casual. I obviously liked it better than Lisa did though!

Jersey Dress - Another stylist pick. This dress was super soft and really well made. Overall it was cute but, it didn't really strike either one of us as a piece we had to have.

Mad For Plaid jacket - this was one of our picks. This jacket was super cute and versatile. We both loved it! It was super flattering to both of us!