Monday, November 23, 2015

Goodbye cellulite HELLO Fasciablaster!

If you're like me and you just can't bring yourself to wear your lumps and bumps with pride AND you would do just about anything to get rid of them...... I think I may have found our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! Yes, you can jump for joy now.... I am!

Ashley Black has patented a product called the Fasciablaster. You can find it at along with tons of information,trials and advice from Ashley herself. She is very passionate about the body and what she has done and will be much better at describing the wonders of the Fasciablaster than I am. I will give you a brief description of what made me so excited and you can take it from there!

Fascia is connective tissue found throughout the body that, if tight, can impede blood flow, pinch nerves, cause pain and yes make the underlying fat bulge out.... Hence that dreadful dimple effect!! Ashley's website states that one should begin using the Fasciablaster vigorously (pain scale of 7) For 5 minutes per area 4 times a week. It also states bruising WILL happen and you may have to work your way up to it. With continued use of the Fasciablaster one can expect decreased look of cellulite, breaking down of fat cells, improved muscle performance and decreased pain. The cost of the Fasciablaster is $89.99 and there is a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Being in the medical field all of her research and claims sound valid to me. I don't know about you guys but I'm excited to try this one! No cellulite, YES PLEASE!! 

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