Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Obsession

This week's obsession is sort of a combination between a shopping post and an actual "Weekly Obsession" post. The reason is is because of our ever lasting love for one of our Southern Favorites Charming Charlie. If you've never heard of Charming Charlie get out from under you rock!

Charming Charlie is a go to stop for Jewelry, Apparel, Accessories and all around fun stuff! Here's what they have to say about themselves:

"We’re crazy for color. We live for sparkle. We thrive on making a statement. Why? Because we know accessories have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook."

 And they definitely embody this statement in all of their stores! The stores themselves are divided into color sections and then again by metal color. Looking for something blue with silver tones? There's a whole section to find something that will suit your taste! Need something in rose gold? Yeah, you get the idea!

Not only are these stores organized they filled with super cute things at amazing price points. Here's a small sampling of their goods:

Wine Party Iphone 6 Case $15.00

Layered Teardrop Necklace $13.00

Pamela Pleated Split Neck Blouse $25.00
Lacey Geo Sweater Dress $29.00
Confetti Wine Glass Set $16.00
Brynn Peeptoe Booties $39.00

 So cute right? You think these prices are good wait until you see the sales!!! At Christmas I bought 4 tops, 10 pieces of jewelry, and 2 hair accessories for under $50 (including shipping!)! Sign up on their website and they'll send you coupons on a regular basis. And Charming Charlie rewards their loyal shoppers with a loyalty program called "The Charm Club". You earn 10 points for every dollar spent. $5 rewards are earned for every 1000 points. That's about a 5% return which is pretty good! You'll also get a free $10 reward on your birthday. Plus if you spend over $250 in a calendar year you'll get more of a return.

We think we've found our mecca!