Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekly Obsession

This week our obsession is ranging more towards a family issue that anyone who has school age children probably struggles with...LUNCH!

So lunch brings about a myriad of issue both emotional and practical. I know my ten-year old not only worries about what I'm packing in her lunch but also what her lunchbox and also what the accessories in her lunchbox look like (yes, the need to have something "cool" is already here!). Especially when she's at an age where her tastes (both in food and what's "cool") change on almost a daily basis. Needless to say, lunch can be a very frustrating topic!

But, I have found one thing that we can both agree on....

 Honest Company Ice Packs! They're not super cheap considering you can go to Walmart and buy the $0.99 small ice packs but, at $11.95 for 2 they're not outrageous either. But, they're the first ice pack that don't cause more problems than it fixes.

My kid used to complain when I would put ice packs in her lunch, mainly because the ice pack would sweat all over her food and leave it slightly wet and slimy. Even stuff in ziplock bags! However, I wanted to be able to give her more of a variety in her lunch but, in order to do that, I needed to ensure that her food stayed cold and not possible beds of bacteria and e-coli.

With these ice packs Honest has solved my problem. Sweat free covers that are also organic! Plus, they're super cute! SCORE!