Monday, February 8, 2016

HSN Beauty Clearance!!! Great deals on prestige beauty!!!!

Oh, I love a good sale on Mondays! Well, I guess I should tell the truth...I love a good sale on any day! HSN is one of my favorite go to places! The trick to getting a good deal is to keep an eye on the Clearance sale page. They frequently mark down really great items to next to nothing. One of the best things is that since they get exclusive beauty gift sets that are already a great deal due to the terms HSN worked out with the manufacturer now these items are on clearance and an even better deal!

Emi-Jay Hair Band Pack - This is a red hot deal! You can pick either the silver or gold pack and you get so much stuff! You get a Headband, a hair tie with an adorable rhinestone bead and 5 multi-colored hair ties in either silver or gold tones. All for $5! This regularly retails for $24!

OPI All Star Mini Duos - This is 3 packs of 2 minis each. All for $8.95. Regular price is $17.95. These are the kinds of things that when I find them this cheap I buy them and keep them for little gifts. Think about all the things that are coming up like Birthdays, Valentine's day, Easter, or even Christmas! This type of shopping ahead can really cut down on stocking stuffer costs!

These were just to great of a deal not to announce them!