Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SK-II Facial Treatment Oil - 30 Day Skin Care Trial

We just posted a new video in our 30 Skin Trial Series! If you've been dying to see how SK-II performs check it out at our YouTube Channel!

We received this product for review from SK-II. Overall we were pretty impressed with the SK-II Facial Treatment Oil. We focused mainly on this specific product as it is an add-in to any current skin care routine (our definition of a basic skin care routine is cleanser, serum, moisturizer). However, we felt that at the steep price of $150 a bottle that we needed to figure out if the average skin care routine could benefit from adding in this product.

We feel like it definitely could!

Here's the photos:

As you can see from the pictures both of our faces look more plumped and hydrated. It's almost a medical filler in a bottle as a lot of our facial lines are a lot less pronounced.

From the small amount we used (between the two of us) the bottle seems like it would last quite a while, maybe 6-12 months. Beyond that one thing I didn't mention in my personal review is that it actually served as an amazing makeup saver. Because my face was so hydrated I needed about half the amount of concealer and CC Foundation that I normally wear. Why? Well because when you're skin is dry makeup doesn't spread as smoothly and your skin starts to actually suck up the makeup. With this product the makeup spreads quickly and easily and you'll get the same coverage with half the product. That was a pretty good bonus that SK-II doesn't mention in their sales pitch!

Overall this product gets a thumbs. We think that this would be a great product to use with maybe less expensive skin care items that don't focus so much on aging (such as Origins Ginzing, Laniege or Acure) as long as you're using this as the basis of your anti-aging regimen.

Oh, and what were we drinking in our film (because the wine is the most important part!!):

We're drinking Vinyasa Muscat Canelli and South Coast Winery Tempranillo Rose. Check them out their both amazing!