Monday, February 8, 2016

Girls Trip! Vegas Essentials - The Budget Version

It's probably a little early for this topic but, lately I've run across lots of great drugstore items that I've made a mental note to add to my must have list for our next annual girls trip to Las Vegas (we go every year for 2 days and it's AWESOME!). What's better than gambling, eating, drinking, dancing, relaxing by the pool and going to the spa for 48 hours straight right? And no, the spa does not in any way reduce any of the damage done to my skin during our Vegasfest.

Anyhooo, with all of that going on it does actually take some work to not look like a 100 year old badly used handbag by the time we're ready to leave. If I came home looking the way I actually felt my husband would probably never let me go again! So, in order to reduce the haggard lines and sallow skin as much as possible I've put together my list of items that are amazing at disguising and, in some cases, actually reducing the damage.

There are a few main areas that I tend to focus on in order to keep myself organized. Those areas are Face, Body, Hands, and Hair.

Face - The skin on your face is super important because if you have sallow, dull skin with puffy, black circles under your eyes you're not going to be so happy with your appearance (and makeup can only do so much!). Hanging out in Vegas brings its own special hazards that you probably wouldn't find on say, a trip to Napa Valley for wine tasting. The casinos are super harsh environments for your skin because there are people smoking all around you (which us Californians are not used to!) and they pump in smells (which is amazing and helpful at covering the smoke smell) actually create kind of an airplane cabin effect which is very drying for your skin. Plus with the late nights (Vegas does actually go ALL night!) and constant drinking (it's only 10am? Bloody Mary time!) your face is being assalted on all fronts! Here are a few must haves:

1. Earth Therapeutics Cucumber Eye Pads - about $6 for 5 pairs. Here's how to best use these: Throw them in the refrigerator that all casino rooms have, when you get up after the first night (you know, around noon) go take your aspirin and then lay back down and put these on your eyes for about 15 minutes. You'll not only feel like a new person, you'll look like one too!

2. Evian Hydrating Mist - about $7 for a travel size. Yes, I'm certain you're laughing now because the thought of using this is pretty pretentious but, it's a skin saver in a casino/desert environment. Spritz a little on to after you moisturize and throughout the day (I carry a small crossbody bag and this fits nicely). Trust me, your skin will thank you!

3. Simple Cleansing Micellar Water - about $8 for a full size bottle. This stuff will be a life saver! Squirt some onto a cotton pad and wipe off all the makeup and yuck from the day. Not only is it a cleanser but it's also a skin treatment and makeup correcter. Talk about triple duty!

 4. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist - About $12 for the travel size version. You're in a desert...with lots of sun....of course you need sunscreen! This is great moisturizing version that you can just spray on your face without it being goopy or smelling weird. Plus it keeps your makeup in place which is essential because again, you're in a desert! I know that this is supposed to be a budget version but, I have yet to find a more reliable (or cheaper) alternative. The drugstore brands should catch on probably later this year as this is a fairly new category (makeup setting sprays with SPF). Spray this on after makeup application.

 5. Covergirl Oh Sugar! Lip Balm - About $7 for a tube. Your lips will need attention too! At night you're going to be wearing your electric lipsticks and glosses but, during the day, when you're out in the sun wear something that not only looks cute but is doing good things for your lips too! My new favorite is the Covergirl Oh Sugar! Lip balm. Smells amazing and feels amazing on your lips!

Body - The stuff I like for my body is more about keeping my skin looking glowing, fresh and soft feeling. Plus anything that smells amazing is going in my arsenal. My husband always says that I leave a trail of smell good which is my mission in life!

1. Spongeables Travel Size Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer 5+ Citron Eucalyptus - About $3 for one sponge. Your feet NEED to look good because you're definitely going to be wearing some awesome strappy heels right! These are the things that your pedicure lady uses at the nail salon. Not only do they feel good but, you'll get all that dead skin off your feet before putting on your pretty shoes!

2. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub - About $4 for a travel size container. Yes, I use a scrub pretty much daily but, especially when I'm going to be somewhere in a bathing suit. Scrubs take off all of the dead skin which is what makes skin look dull they're usually packed with essential oils which also makes your skin soft. Yes please!

3. Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs - About $4 for travel size version. This stuff is incredible! I used to go get a spray tan (since I'm super pale and don't want to further wrinkle my skin up!) but, since I've discovered the wonderful world of self tanners I don't need that expensive spray on tan anymore! Usually I like the TanTowel glove but, you have to prepare ahead of time as it takes about 12 hours for your tan to fully develop. If you dropped the ball Sally Hansen is your best bet! Plus, it's pretty good for touch-ups or just deepening your color if you already have a little bit of a tan.

Hands - Your hands are going to take a beating in the desert heat and casino dryness. That means hangnails and itchy hands! Yuck! Beyond that take a look around and see all of the people touching all of the things that you're touching too (slot machines, gaming tables, bar surfaces, etc) Got a big eyefull? Yep, a little gross even for people who aren't germaphobes (which I'm not). In Vegas you should be wary though! Here are a few Vegas must haves for your hands:

1. EOS Everyday Hand Lotion - about $2 for travel size version. This will be a life saver. It's small enough to take in your teeny tiny bag and it's super moisturizing. Plus the smell is light and clean.

 2. Wet Ones Hand Wipes Singles - About $3 for a box of 24 wipes. So worth getting the travel wipes! Yes, you could just be the crazy person who throws baby wipes into a plastic bag but, again, these will be convenient and fit nicely in your teeny, tiny purse. Plus you don't have to worry about them drying out!

Hair - Hair is one of those things that there's not really a just OK hair day. It's either good or bad. Even if you're looking at your hair and saying "ehhhhh" that's really just a bad hair day and you wish it were better right? In Vegas that's extra true. Here are a few little tricks that will not only make your hair look good but, will help you get ready in a snap!

1. Hair Food Sulfate Free Kiwi Dry Shampoo - 1.7floz. About $9 for bottle. You have to have a dry shampoo on hand in Vegas! It takes the oil out of your hair to prolong your style. If you're just rolling down to the pool don't re-do your entire style! Instead run your flat iron or curling iron through your hair and spritz a little dry shampoo on. Your hair will look and smell fresh plus the right formula can add volume to flat and tired hair. This Clairol version smells amazing and works almost as well as my Alterna Bamboo high end version!

2. Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque - About $6 for one package. I find that the Vegas air is so drying to my already dry hair that I need a little moisture boost. So instead of using my regular conditioner I use about half a packet of a hair mask to get some shine and moisture back into my hair. Works wonders in the dry desert/casino air!

These products will be lifesavers on your next Vegas trip. Not only are they lifesavers but, you won't break the bank trying to look great! Here's another little tip, get your girlfriends to go in on a Vegas stash with you. They'll thank you for the great tips and you can all split the products and the cost of them too! Have fun with your gorgeous self in Vegas!