Monday, January 25, 2016

Shopping Tips!

So from time to time we run across really great places to shop or coupons. We've decided to start a new series featuring great websites, stores, and deals that we happen to see. Since we're avid shoppers we see a TON of stuff!

Today I got my daily email from If you've never heard of you need to get over and check it out ASAP! is the less craftsy version of Etsy but still on that same wavelength. Every day features at least 50 new deals (sometimes it's over 100!) from independent sellers. I have found some of my favorite all time items at I especially like to use them for gift baskets for the kids (Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, Valentine's day, etc.) because the items are inexpensive (similar to the One Spot at Target), mostly high quality and super unique.

I've bought everything from baby items, to iPhone cords, to clothing from this site. Mostly I've been pretty happy. One warning, read the reviews on the seller. Some sellers aren't that great but, if you're willing to take the chance the deals can be amazing. Also,'s customer service is really great! They work on the same premise as eBay. First you try to work it out with the independent seller and if the issue can't be resolved then's customer service team will make a final determination as to what will happen. In all of my disputed cases I've managed to work out the issue with the seller (I've only had 3 issues and I've ordered a 100+ items from the site.

Here's a small selection of some of the items that are featured (and that I've tried):


These earrings were being sold at $1.99 a pair! So cute! I purchased the pink ones with the clear stone on top and the featured turquoise and light blue pair. I love them!

Home Items

This pillowcase cover was too cute to pass up! It was $18.99 which is on the pricer side for me for this particular site. However, when I got the cover I super impressed with the quality. I would have thought it came from Pottery Barn. So at $18.99 it was a steal!


There are tons of new lines trying to get their products off the ground. seems to be a mandatory place to market new lines of skin, makeup and body products. I was actually super happy this this product and would try other items. At only $7.99 for a huge tub this was a great find! I'm particularly interested in all natural soaps, lotions and scrubs. I'm not so hot to try any actual skin care lines yet but, you never know, that could change!


Anytime you're planning a party this is a definite must shop place. You'll find so many awesome craftsy items at great prices it'll look like you're Martha Stewart. (I probably shouldn't be giving all of my secrets away!). At any rate, I got several of these really great confetti packages for my niece's birthday party as table scatter. I realize that I could have made it myself but at $2.99 per package I really couldn't beat the price and quality. Each bag came with it's own special sparkly element like jewels, sparkly bows, etc. My tables looked amazing with this stuff on it. Plus I use it in gift baskets to add a little sparkle to them.


Ok, so I know, you're not supposed to buy any iPhone/iPod cable that's not specifically made by Apple. But, at $3.99 a cord for a 10ft cord in these awesome colors I couldn't help but try them out! They're AWESOME. I love my cords and they work really great! I know that sometimes these off branded cords can be duds but, I would heartily recommend at least trying a cord out from Repeat sellers have to have a good reputation in order to continue selling on So, check out the seller's past sales to be certain!

This site just teems with new ideas! One of the hardest things to do is keep kids entertained while on the go. When I saw this I Spy bag I had to have it for my son to add to his "on the go" kit. (it's just a backpack that's his size and has lots of stuff to keep him entertained at the doctor's, in the car, or other places that I need to keep him happy and occupied). At any rate, at $9.99 this was a fairly inexpensive addition that keeps him very occupied as he searches for all of the little items in the bag.


Really awesome items for really great prices! This sweatshirt was only $15.99. It looks exactly like it does in the picture (in fact you can see me wearing it in some of our videos!). I've gotten several other items from Most range from $9.99 - $24.99 which is fairly cheap (we're talking Target prices) and are pretty great. I've only gotten one item so far that I wasn't pleased with. It was a tank that was super thin and was way off size wise. I should have looked at the comments others had left for the seller and I would have known this was an issue before I bought. This was also before got better at getting rid of non-quality sellers super fast.


My absolute favorite category on this site! They have the cutest and most unique baby items! Most are handmade so I love buying part of my baby shower gift here (I mostly shop off of registries but I like to include one to two items that I find from like bibs, burp cloths, blankets or hair accessories). I feel like everything I've gotten from is so special and really well priced. These bibs were $4.99. A comparable bib at Babies R' Us is about $10 if not more.

As you can tell, I LOVE Hope you love them just as much! Happy shopping!