Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weekly Obsession

New Year means a New You right? This week we thought that we would focus on something a little more health related. We discovered a brand new way to get your Vitamin C!

Yes, we know, Gummy vitamins are the thing now. It's like vitamin candy. However, Vitamin C spray should definitely be in your at home health arsenal. Here's why - feel a little sniffle coming on? Spray some on your tongue for a day or two and the sniffles will be banished. Skin looking a little tired and sallow? Spray some of this on your tongue to help boost your skin radiance (and fight wrinkles!).

Now, this spray is not something you use every day (you should be getting Vitamin C in your general multi-vitamin) but, for an extra boost you can't go wrong. Plus it's Cherry Tangerine flavored...yay!!!!