Monday, November 30, 2015

Ulta Fragrance Freebie!

So, we're generally not huge fans of the gifts with purchase when it come to fragrance. They're usually pretty lame and not something that we're excited to get. They're usually pretty ugly travel duffles or umbrellas.

Free Robe with $40 fragrance purchase
This robe is awesome! I personally like the pink hooded version but, if that's not your speed then there's a thick spa version in white and a kicky leopard one too! Plus they've even got a men's version. However, the men's version does not come in a size so if you're married to a bigger guy like both of us then this probably isn't a great option for your guy. However, they're valuing this robe at $60 which is making your $40 fragrance purchase worth $100!

Michael Kors Tote with $100 fragrance purchase
So this isn't AS good of a deal but, you get the Michael Kors tote and the free robe so I'm still pretty excited about it. Plus the tote is super cute! Now, this isn't a MK bag that you'll find in a department store but, as a general tote this is an awesome buy!

Juicy Couture Backpack with Large Spray Purchase
So yes, I know, Juicy is no longer the prestige brand that it once was. However, for an extra gift for a tween, this one is actually pretty awesome. Plus if you add in the spray and your freebie robe (I wouldn't give it away but, in a pinch...) you're packing a pretty awesome gift!
Free Philosophy Bath Gel with $50 Philosophy fragrance purchase
This is a pretty cool deal too. You get an 8oz bath gel in either Vanilla Birthday Cake or Raspberry with any Philosophy $50 fragrance purchase. Again, you also get the bath robe. With these stacked deals you can create a super awesome spa gift basket or several gifts with one purchase. This would even be a great stocking stuffer!
See! Way better than an ugly duffle bag or umbrella!