Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Club W Wine Club Review

Check out our new video about Club W.

Club W. is a wine subscription service that sends 3 bottles a month to their subscribers for $13 per bottle plus tax and shipping. What's so cool about that you ask? Weeelllll, let me tell you!

Club W uses a questionnaire that is based on your food preferences in order to pick out your wine preferences. Then, based on your responses to the wine they send, they'll tweak your profile every month until their sending you winners all the time! That's actually pretty awesome as the point of Club W is to discover new and little known wines that you'll actually like. If you want to see how our initial experience with Club W went, check it out here.

We filled out the questionnaire based on our preferences and ended up with 3 wines:

1. 2014 Passarola Vinho Branco: This was our least favorite by far. It had almost no taste and was more like rubbing alcohol then something we wanted to actually drink.

2. 2014 Chop Shop Cabernet Savignon: This one was amazing!!!It was gone immediately!

3. 2013 One from the Quiver Malbec. Finally we tried the One from the Quiver Malbec. This one was pretty good too. It got a 4 star rating from us.

We ended up finding out lots of great things about Club W that just makes this club too awesome to explain! They're partnering with a service called Door Dash where you can get your wine to your door in an hour. What a great service for a party or just the general emergency of having no wine in the house! Also, if you get something that you truly hate, Club W will make it right and credit another bottle of wine to your account. How awesome is that! This is definitely a full service club that we'll continue to use. Stay tuned for our next review!