Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wine Beauty??? Yes Please!!!

An article caught my eye today on Vivino, a site dedicated to all things wine. To take a look at the full article go here.

At any rate, it seems that wine related beauty has been picking up steam lately and I agree as I've noticed that myself. Of course this is just on my weekly excursions to Sephora in search of the Tony Moly Red Wine face mask which is constantly out of stock!!! And of course the king of wine and grape beauty all things Claudalie.

Of course there's also the beauty med aspects of wine, for instance it's a natural producer of Resveratrol which is currently being researched for use in skin protection against UV rays and helping to control diabetes. Of course we get our daily dose of Resveratrol in our wine.

However, apparently I'm missing the best parts of wine related beauty! There's a huge pool in Japan that's filled with red wine that you can swim in. We're going next week. See you there!