Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz Wine

Like the sound of the wine we were drinking in our newest videos? It's Jam Jar and we found it at World Market. It was a really great wine that was definitely very "jammy".

It's described as sweet wine with a balance of acidity. The flavors are blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry mixed with dark chocolate. It was awesome! I believe we paid $9.99 for this wine and we both thought that that was a steal!

This is definitely a wine you could serve to a varied audience, wine lovers and novices alike, without fear of many turned up noses.

Also, I promised to figure out just what the heck a shiraz wine here goes: A shiraz is an Australian wine made from a Syrah grape. However, in Australia, they call it the Shiraz grape, hence the name. So, if you like this wine you can find it comparable to Syrah type wine. Look at that, we're learning together!

So this will be our first post with our patented wine rating system.

Good wine - We loved it! Would buy it again!

So-so wine- Ehhhh, it was OK. We'll drink it but, probably not quickly.

Bad, bad wine: AAAHHHHHH!. It burns! It's rubbing alcohol!

Final Verdict: Two wine glasses up!
Lisa Says Yes!

Sara Says Yes!