Monday, November 23, 2015

Downtown Apothecary Smells Delish!!

So a while back we did a video on my newest find....Downtown Apothecary. This is such a neat little shop located in the Mission Inn shopping district in Riverside CA. The smell pulled me in the door like a crack head looking to score. Ok maybe that wasn't funny BUT IT'S TRUE!!!! This awesome little place makes handmade soap using the cold press method. They have more smells than one could count! They change them up often and get holiday crazy too. Along with the soaps you can find sugar and coffee scrubs, real sponges and other exfoliating products, amazing lotions, tea bath soaks, oil perfume and even hand made nail polish. I am in love with their products! If you happen to be local or in town you can sign up for their soap making classes!! I'm on the list!! We'll post a video of that when we get the chance.

Pictures are from their website