Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Yumminess!!!

The holidays are officially here! And with that comes tons of cooking whether you're going to someonelse's house or hosting a holiday event yourself. So, we decided to preview some amazing cookbooks and sites that we found and give you some options to spice up your holiday meals. Check out our first video here.

 We started this series by reviewing the Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook. We tried out the recipe on the cover because we wanted to give you guys some alternative side dish options that had some color in it (and also because it looked AMAZING!).

We found that it was an awesome recipe! It was very easy to follow and it turned out exactly like the picture showed. This recipe is going to be a major showpiece on our holiday tables! Beyond that, the Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook had tons of great recipes for every meal of the day. We're super excited to try them all out! This cookbook definitely gets out thumbs up!