Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Obssession

You probably don't know this yet but we LOVE books! Books on Audible, books on the Kindle, actual books, books in any form! But, I'm now discovering my love for book "accessories". These aren't actual accessories for your book but book themed accessories for you (I'm also a Disney freak so this was just the next probable incarnation of my love of goofy things).

At any rate, I was looking through possible new subscription box and I ran across a review of an upcoming box from Book Riot. The box was a quarterly subscription box for YA books that included at least 2 books and several bookish accessories. One of the accessories really caught my eye...Out of Print Socks.

How cute are these socks??? These are the exact pair that were featured in the Book Riot box. These are the Out of Print Unisex Alice In Wonderland socks. I loved them so much I had to check out what else Out of Print Socks had. And I ran across these bad boys:

The Out of Print Unisex Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot socks! I was immediately transported to one of my favorite cancelled shows The Following. Creepy!

Yes Joe Carroll! Yes!