Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Obsession

This week's obsession is kind of mundane...or is it??? It's dishwasher detergent that will change your life!

We've always used our dishwashers are more of a sanitizer rather than an actual dishwasher. I'm sure a lot of you out there know exactly what we're talking about! Doing the dishes involves throughly scrubbing the dishes and then putting them in the dishwasher to be sanitized. You can't say that the dishwasher washed them because you got every speck of food off prior to putting them in the dishwasher.

However, we have found an alternative! We were sent a great sample from Bzzz Agent to use and review and we've gotta say, we're hooked! In fact, take a look at our new video about Cascade Platinum.

So this product ticks off every category for us:

1. Easy to Use - Check
2. Does what it claims to do - Check
3. Makes my life easier - Check

The only issue we have is that it's a little more expensive than our regular detergent but, for us the slightly higher cost versus the time and hassle we're saved is still a win!